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Whether you prefer festive celebrations or the opportunity to chill out on a beach with sands as soft as baby powder, you’ll find anything you’re looking for in Mexico. From the shores of the Caribbean Sea to the playground of the Pacific, Mexico is where we go to escape to a pace less hectic.

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Once you’ve spent some time on Mexico’s Pacific coast, you’ll never want to leave. Known as the Mexican Riviera, the spectacular strip of land features high-energy hotspots like Cabo San Lucas and laidback, low-key ports like beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Fantastic beaches, great shopping, and tons of fun tropical activities – whether you’re planning to let loose or just take a deep breath and relax, you’ll have a blast in the Mexican Riviera.

Wildly popular beaches and a buzzing nightlife keeps visitors coming back to Acapulco year after year. Sunbathers will have the time of their life doing nothing much at all, and thrill-seekers will love endless water sports, sailing, and the port’s world-famous cliff diving. In the town itself, you can track down the perfect souvenir or stop for a bite of freshly-caught seafood. Acapulco also features some interesting historical sites and a lovely old town, full of mellow plazas and cafés.

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Are you looking for party central, or a peaceful paradise? Cabo San Lucas, on the southern tip of Baja California, has the unique ability to be both. It’s a great destination for snorkeling, sailing, and sightseeing. The nightlife is nonstop, with the notorious Cabo Wabo Cantina as one of the biggest draws. Kick back on some of the best beaches in the world. Head for adventure in the form of deep sea fishing, whale-watching, or a trip to the famous sea lion hangout, “El Arco.” Whatever you do, you’re going to love Cabo San Lucas.

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Take a carefree walk by the beautiful waterfront and feel your cares drift away in the soft, ocean breeze. Enjoy the freshest, most delicious seafood, great shopping on the Avenida Primera, and some inexpensive, but wonderful wineries. Must-sees for nature lovers include a loud, powerful geyser, which can spray water almost 60 feet in the air, and a series of sea caves where visitors can snorkel, kayak, or dive. Sport fishing and whale watching excursions are also readily available.

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A calm, quiet port in a truly one-of-a-kind natural setting, Puerto Vallarta is a great change of pace from some of the busy, bustling ports in the Mexican Riviera. Take a relaxing stroll through cobblestone streets that seem to end only when the jungle begins. Lounge on pristine beaches surrounded by dense vegetation and feel like you’re on your own little slice of paradise a million miles from civilization. Swim in clear turquoise waters or head back to town and dance the night away.

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Magnificent Mazatlan is the largest port on Mexico’s Pacific coast. From visiting elegant historical buildings to surfing and snorkeling, you’ll have the opportunity to do a little of everything. A 10-mile walkway on the waterfront is flanked by many cafés, restaurants, shops, and merchants, each with their own flavor and style. To escape the tourist crunch, be sure to check out the great marine exhibits and the famous Sierra Madre Mountains.

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Top 5 Don’t-Miss Mexican Riviera Activities
  1. Watching Acapulco’s cliff divers plummet safely from great heights
  2. Partying at Cabo Wabo’s Cantina in Cabo San Lucas
  3. Whale watching off the coast of Ensenada
  4. Zip-lining on a thrilling excursion in the Sierra Madre Mountains
  5. Horseback riding at sunset on the shores of Mazatlan
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Located on the eastern side of the Yucatan, the Mayan Riviera is wildly popular. From the hotspots of Cancun to the island of Cozumel to the seaside beauty of Tulum, there’s nothing you can’t find in this tropical paradise. The ports on this coastline are often a part of a larger Caribbean itinerary than traditional Mexico cruises, including stops in Grand Cayman, the Dominican Republic, and Belize.

Costa Maya was built exclusively for cruisers like you to enjoy. Located just a few hours south of Cancun, this village highlights the ancient culture of the Mayans who once tread this ground. Modern conveniences blend with a Mayan facade – while you’re visiting, enjoy features like saltwater pools, fine dining, artisan shopping areas, and a beach club.

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Cozumel is Mexico’s largest Caribbean island and is a very popular stop for cruise ships, due to its duty-free shopping, world-class diving along an extensive coral reef system, gorgeous white-sand beaches, and rich culture. Pick up some black coral jewelry, spice baskets, or handcrafted gifts. You can also catch a ferry to the mainland that will drop you off in cosmopolitan Playa del Carmen; join a tour that visits an eco-park or the phenomenal ruins of Tulum.

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Once a sleepy fishing town, this port has grown to a population of approximately 50,000. Progreso is still a place where you can find peace and quiet, or enjoy a majority of water sports like windsurfing, snorkeling, and more. Progreso is close to Merida where the people are warm, the majority of buildings are made from limestone, and the streets are consistently cleaned. The spectacular ruins of Chichen Itza, are also within driving distance and are not to be missed.

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Top 5 Don’t-Miss Mayan Riviera Activities
  1. Swimming in the sparkling, warm aqua waters of the Caribbean Sea
  2. Gathering colorful gifts and keepsakes in Cozumel
  3. Shopping and dining on Playa del Carmen’s busy 5th Avenue
  4. Snorkeling with colorful tropical fish, turtles, and dolphins in one of the Riviera’s eco-parks
  5. Exploring the dramatic seaside Mayan ruins of Tulum
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